Matt A.


Lemon Ball

'The Commish Says'

Blah Blah Blah... Matty, Darren, Al, Clive and Tak got closest to the pins. Matt won the belt. Woo 'diddly' Hoo!!

Its Scramble time baby!!

So the rules are simple.

1) You get to tee off from your assigned tee blocks

2) You must use TWO tee shots from every member in your 4sum

3) This is for fun so don't be that guy all miserable if your team shoots like shit.

4) REPEAT of Rule 3

5) Team Pidgeon is going to win so just except it. Especially you Bill and Wayne. Save your cheers for tears when you end up at the back of the bus!



Tin Cup Challenge

Yvonne and JD


Maple Syrup Bowl

LOTTO MAX NUMBERS: 8 16 19 29 32 34 37 *** We will have these same numbers until the last Friday in August ***