JD's Weekly Report
The 2nd Lemon Ball is off to a quick exit. With 21 golfers beginning the day with their favourite ball only 2 remain. Serge and the Commish. Drew, who shot an impressive 30, is out due to scheduling conflicts as next week he will be playing in the Saskatoon Open. As for the Closest to the Pins (5 this week with a carry over) our winners were JD (1), Commish (3 and 5) and believe it or not but Wayno (6 and 7). Next week we will continue the lemon ball and will be your last round to figure out which 2 clubs you will choose before the first ever Canadian Bacon 2 Club Challenge. See you all on the course!


Tin Cup Challenge

Yvonne and JD


Maple Syrup Bowl

LOTTO MAX NUMBERS: 8 16 19 29 32 34 37 *** We will have these same numbers until the last Friday in August ***

Matt A.


Lemon Ball